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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It brings me great joy that you have taken the liberty to stop by and visit the website of the Florida East Coast Baptist Association, Inc.  It is our prayer that this website proves to be an aid as well as an assistance to the churches, congregants, clergy and the communities that our Associational churches impact.

The Florida East Coast Baptist Association was founded in 1903 and is an Association comprised of Baptist churches throughout the state of Florida. We have churches within our District that range from Cocoa Beach, Florida to Florida City.  Our Association has had for it focus Education, Foreign Mission, Home Mission, Evangelism and Benevolence. It our desire to see our member churches maximize their potential as the
Association maximizes it's potential.  We desire to strengthen our churches, clergy, congregants and communities.  There is greatness that lies within our Association and it's member churches and we wish to tap into this great potential unleashing it by coming together and unifying our efforts to advance the mandate of our Savior.

We invite you to browse our website for more information and news about the Florida East Coast Baptist Association. It is also our delight to welcome other churches of like faith and order into our association of churches. We will be adding more and more information to this site as our Auxiliaries and Boards forward to our Webmaster all of the information that you want placed on the site. We appreciate your feedback about the website and we ask for your continued support of the Florida East Coast Baptist Association.

Rev. Johnny L. Barber, II, Th.M.


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