2019 District Congress of Christian Education Counts

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It that time of year again where we assemble ourselves for Christian Education.

We are excited to be in the beautiful city of Boynton Beach for our 61st Annual Session of the Florida East Coast Baptist Association District Congress of Christian Education. Thank you, Pastor Jovan T. Davis and the good people of Saint John, M.B.C. as you make preparation for our arrival.

This year’s senior national topic is “Envisioning the Future Exceptionally: As We Send Disciples for Christ” scripture reference John 16: 13, Galatians 5 :22-23; Ephesians 4: 12-13, 2 Timothy 3: 16-17.

Our Association’s Theme is “Envisioning the Future Exceptionally: Through Faith” scripture reference 2 Corinthians 4: 16-18.

I want to thank our Dean Pastor Benjamin H. Parrott, Sr., faculty and staff for all that they do in preparing our curriculum and for securing comfortable accommodations for us to rest at night. I want to thank our illustrious pageant directress who has been writing and directing our plays. This year’s youth rally pageant topic is “I Am God” by Miss. Lakeshia Flint and staff.

I especially want to thank the pastors and delegates for your attendance and participation in Christian Education.

This year’s Congress dates are July 22-26, 2019.

Once again, we are excited and humbled to serve as your District Congress President.

Rev. Jeffrey L. Mack, President FECDCE
Your Humble Servant

Rev. Jeffrey L. Mack, President | FECBA District Congress of Christian Education

Greetings in the Glorious Name of Him Who Deserves All the Glory!

What a joy divine to once again salute you, the potential delegates for our sixty-first Annual District Congress of Christian Education. Our purpose for gathering each year is to bring Christian disciples to the point of preparation. We aim to create a deeper commitment in our delegates for continued faithful Christian service. As a Baptist Association, we are committed to equipping our churches with a strong platform for providing the necessary Biblical and spiritual resources that will enable them to create disciples for effective ministry.

With a spirit of humility, I am thankful for the favor of the Lord, and the trust of both our Moderator, Johnny L. Barber and District President Jeffery L. Mack, for again giving me the opportunity to serve you as district Dean. I am honored by their trust in my ability to do an effective job and will faithfully serve in the most effective manner possible.

It is my prayer that you are just as excited as your Congress leaders. Much planning is moving forward to ensure that this year’s Congress will be one that will go down in history as one of the best. We are grateful to Pastor Jovan Davis and the good people of the St. John M. B. Church – 900 N Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, for consenting to serve as the host for this annual event. As we continue to plan, it is our prayer that this year’s Congress theme: “Envisioning the Future Exceptionally: Through Faith” will strengthen our relationship with our creator.

Having true faith will help us make sense out the troubling and confusing world we live in. It will give us the confidence we need to move forward with our life despite trials, tribulations and setbacks. Growing in faith requires believing in God and maintaining a close relationship with Him. It is my sincere prayer that this Christian Education meeting will help us meet our mandate and the challenge of enhancing our faith, by way of the courses of study and the certified instructors in place to equip the saints of God attending this year.

So, plan to meet us in Boynton Beach, Florida, July 22-26, 2019 for a full week of Christian Education. We will be waiting to serve you.

Yours Because of Christ,

Dean Benjamin H. Parrott
Florida East Coast District Congress Dean

Rev. Benjamin H. Parrott, Dean | FECBA District Congress of Christian Education