This District Congress has the responsibility of ensuring the behavior of our messengers. Please remind your delegation of the purpose of Congress; to lift the name of JESUS and to represent HIM in a manner that will bring glory to HIS name, while representing themselves and their home church, all while enjoying the week’s experiences.

We ask that the chaperone(s) abide by the following guidelines for the week:

• All messengers are required to be in class and General Assemblies at the appropriate time, as outlined in the program booklet.

• Young people are expected to abide by an 11:00pm curfew. An adult chaperone must accompany young people out after this time. Chaperones are asked to please ensure that curfew is obeyed, and proper behavior is maintained in the hotels and rooms.

• Chaperones and churches are responsible for any damages caused by their group.

• Chaperones must accompany their youth to the pool; at all times and adhere to hotel/pool policies.

• At least one (1) chaperone is asked to accompany young people to Children & Youth Rally rehearsals and remain for its duration. Chaperones are asked to PLEASE assist the Pageant staff in keeping order and decorum.

• Chaperones are asked to please pay close attention to the dress code and ensure the proper dress for youth on a daily basis (see dress code below).

• Young people who are unable to abide by the rules and regulations of Congress and the hotel maybe asked to leave the session. Behavior and attitudes are key to a successful week!

Churches are asked to PLEASE make every effort to have their delegation attend Congress Call to Order, 10:00am. Monday July 22, at St. Johm M. B. Church, 900 N Seacrest Blvd Boynton Beach, FL; this sets the tone for the entire week.

• Chaperones may contact Dean Parrott at 305-282-2544 or Assistant Dean Dunlap 954- 257-3272 with any questions and or concerns.


Messengers must remember that they are representing their Christ and their Church; all dress apparel should exemplify that of Christian youth. Please adhere to the following:

Dresses or skirts should be at least knee-high length. NO halter-tops, shorts, short tight skirts or slacks, or skorts (shorts that look like skirts.)

Slacks must be worn around the waist, held in place with a belt. No sleeveless tee shirts.

Clothing displaying written messages, pictures or symbols, that relate to drugs, sex, profanity or violence is NOT acceptable for neither young ladies nor young men.

Note: Please leave all electronic equipment in a secure place. Your cell phone must be on vibrate and in a holster or purse/bag while class or session is taking place. Congress will not be responsible for loss or damage items. Your attendance to congress is to study and learn.

Thank you for your cooperation.